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November 8, 2005
Section: Business
Page: 3

RORY MCCLANNAHAN Journal Staff Writer

Most of us don't think about the mail that arrives at our home every day.
Charlotte Garcia thinks about it all the time, because if you get a newsletter
from your health care provider or a coupon book, it means she's done her job.

Garcia, who is from Jemez Pueblo, owns Shipping, Receiving, Fulfillment Services
in Rio Rancho, which provides bulk-mailing services for her clients. From a modest
warehouse in Rio Rancho's industrial area, the business prepares and ships around
20,000 pieces of mail a day.

"Our value comes from the reliability we provide our customers," Garcia said.

Shipping, Receiving, Fulfillment Services will stuff envelopes, attach addresses
and get the documents mailed.

Garcia started in the mail business more than 12 years ago when she was working
for a publisher in Santa Fe. Her boss asked her to set up a system for bulk
mailing but then decided to contract the labor out. Garcia said she saw an
opportunity and she took it.

"I had set up the system and asked if I could be a contender for the contract,"
she said. "I got it and started the company."

At first, Garcia wanted to locate the business in Santa Fe but found warehouse
space too expensive. She looked in Albuquerque, as well, but found the lease rates
in Rio Rancho to be easier on the pocketbook.

The warehouse is set up in a typical assembly line fashion. Materials come in from
one end and at the other end, a van is loaded with the finished product.

In between the doors, employees work at stuffing, sealing and addressing
envelopes. Some jobs require more than just paper to go in envelopes. The company
has one client that is sending samples of tea with its mailings, so shelves in the
warehouse are lined with clear plastic bags filled with thousands of individually
packaged tea bags.

Garcia said the warehouse has limited storage space for items that will be sent
out, but, generally, they don't sit around too long.

"Most of what we do is very time sensitive," she said.

The mailings are loaded into a van and driven to the main post office in
Albuquerque to be mailed. Garcia said one trip a day is usually made, but there
can be more depending on the nature of what needs to be shipped.

The company works closely with printers, and Garcia said she likes to work with
local companies. What the company does for its customers depends on what the
customer wants, she said. Some might come in with their materials ready to be
packed and shipped. Others, however, might need help designing a document and
getting it printed.

Garcia said the company will prepare and ship any item, regardless of its size or
the quantity. The only restraint is time, she said.

"If we have a lot of jobs going on, we may not be able to take on anything new. We
try not to let that happen," Garcia said.

Although Shipping, Receiving, Fulfillment Services works mostly with companies
sending out bulk mailings, Garcia said the company will take care of anyone who is
looking to ship something.

Although Garcia has built a business that benefits her, she said the best part of
coming into work in the mornings is seeing her employees.

"It's nice to look around and realize that this lets people take a paycheck home,"
she said.

Shipping, Receiving, Fulfillment Services ADDRESS: 210 Enterprise Road


OWNER: Charlotte Garcia

EMPLOYEES: 8 full-time

PHONE: 891-4294


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